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Custom Neca Predalien figure

Custom Neca Predalien figure

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Dark Nebula

ChestburtsterStaff1199 XPOct-11-2022 9:10 AM

Was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled across this epic custom AVPR Predalien figure that was created by newtan_custom.



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BloodedMember1678 XPOct-12-2022 6:38 AM

It looks strange, but since it's from AVPR I'm not surprised. It looks like an AVPR-monster and yeah I've watched that crap of a movie twice, as far as I know.


Alien DroneMember4182 XPOct-12-2022 11:15 PM

I want that Predalien figure, I really loved the Predator's storyline in AVPR, the humans were forgettable but I didn't watch that movie for the humans. Wolf could have carried that whole movie on his back alone. Surely a unique movie that we will never see the likes of again because certain fans and the general audience are too damn human-centric. 



Jungle HunterAdmin22442 XPOct-13-2022 8:13 PM

I really like the custom paint job on this! Thanks for sharing this!

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Cool Godzilla

Alien DroneMember2103 XPOct-13-2022 11:49 PM

It looks sick, I love this figure!

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Alien WarriorMember10416 XPOct-14-2022 4:07 AM


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