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Why and how does Predalien (AVPR) only look for female hosts?
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MemberAlien EggDec-08-2016 9:56 PM

As I was on my way to college I was reminded of AVPR, thinking about some details of the film, making some personal criticism. I remembered a fact that puzzles me to this day! Why does Predalien only use "women" as a host? I know that in the scene near the end, when he and the Xenos transform the hospital into a temporary colony, it ends up fertilizing the pregnant women of the place, which makes us think that it is because of the uterus, which supports the growth of several Xenos. But leave another question open! How does he differentiate genres from humans? In all the enocontros he had with male humans, he proved extremely hostile. Despite killing a nurse, most of the time, he fertilized with Xenos embryos in almost all of his female victims. Anyone have any ideas or opinions about my theory? Is he a "macho"? Contrary to what many claim to be a growing 'Queen'. I would like to try to arrive at an acceptable consensus.

15 Replies


MemberBloodedDec-10-2016 2:14 PM

Maybe that's her preference? : )

I believe its because the Predalien's reproductive organs are predominantly Predator (a male species), so only women hosts are viable.


MemberAlien EggDec-11-2016 9:38 PM

In fact it is interesting to assume that his reproductive system is predominant because of his "Yajuta" side. But so far, in none of the films that have existed to date do they show that Predators are made up only of "male hunters." Even taking into account only the films of 'AvP'. I've seen people say that he was becoming a queen. But I also did not see anything very clear about that. But quite interesting your theory! Liked it! For he acts in a more "masculine" way. It is clear when he cooks the trophy diner. They cut a lot of the film, I remember that when Wolf arrived in the ship, there would be several bodies of other predators impaled by the Predalien, it would be nice to see that!


MemberAlien EggDec-11-2016 9:51 PM

I was referring to this scene (image):


MemberPredatorDec-11-2016 10:31 PM

According to the directors commentary of AVP:R the Pred-Alien, nicknamed Chet, is claimed to be a "Juvenille Queen". A better description would be to call the creature a Princess. It is inferred in the movie that Chet uses female human hosts to produce Bellybursters, essentially a group of 3-4 Chestbusrters born from one host, thus allowing a hive to grow quickly before the Princess would evolve into its final stage - an egg laying Queen The use of female hosts.

As for the hanging Predators, as shown in your pic, this was supposed to be a trait the Predalien "inherited" from the Predators, an instinct. Unfortunately that makes less sense than the "Princess Alien" idea, as Predators likely skin and hang such kill's as a warning to anyone nearby that it is on the hunt. and additionally a skinned Predator looks pretty stupid.

Remember the directors/writers of AVP:R the Strause Brothers may have been fan boys of the Alien and Predator films, but their creative ability and their research into the movies warrings sides leaves a lot to be desired - there have been a lot of bad films in recent years and most here will agree that AVP:R is one of 'em.


MemberAlien EggDec-12-2016 6:58 PM

Very cool! Thanks for the info Gaven Sigleton! Did not know that this information that the Pre-Alien was a princess, had come from internal sources of the film. For me it was just fan speculation. Compared to the end result, they did not really show much knowledge in the Alien and Predator culture, it's a pity, AvPR had great potential. Makes me wonder if we'll still see an AvP reboot?


MemberAlien DroneMay-08-2018 6:05 PM

I still the think the first AVP movie was the worse out of series. Also, i don't think the yaut'ja are a strictly male species. I firmly believe they may have a stand-in-the-kitchen mentality towards their females.



MemberPredatorMay-08-2018 6:24 PM

Xenotaris the first AVP movie was the worse out of series.

I respectfully disagree. AVPR could be the reason why the series never continued.  AVP was a decent scifi popcorn flick while AVPR seemed like a strange teen emo angst fest with a main creature and climatic battle that was too dark to see. It was almost a relief to see the characters die since they elicited no sympathy. It is possibly one of the worst sci fi movies ever made imo. I am glad you can appreciate it.


MemberAlien DroneMay-09-2018 12:38 AM

DK AVP was a decent scifi popcorn flick

Are you joking, Paul W S Anderson sucks at making movies. The first AVP contradicts a lot of things from both ALIEN and Predator. AVP is just a gloriefed beat'em up movie, there was nothing decent about that film. AVPR was great because it ended what AVP 2004 started and allowed us to have a real ALIEN movie.



MemberPredatorMay-09-2018 2:30 AM

Xenotaris I am afraid I am quite serious and stand behind my claim that AVP is a good sci fi popcorn flick. Sure, the movie ignored time lines but delivered a great beat 'em up action film.

AVPR was great because it ended. I agree :)

Beyond that, anything else supporting AVPR sounds rather trollish since it was an utter trainwreck.


MemberPredatorMay-09-2018 5:41 AM

AvP - The founder of Weyland Industries takes a small group to investigate an ancient temple in an inhospitable environment built by an ancient race that has visited humankind throughout history, within which a deadly alien threat awaits them.

Prometheus - er... ah, -cough-

AvPR - good things - Wolf is the toughest predator depicted yet, and the Princess Alien would have been a good idea if they had explored it in more depth. Bad things - everything else. "People are dying, we need guns", one of the worst lines every written, TBH the only one that beats it is "M-M-M-Martha" -shudder-


MemberAlien WarriorMay-09-2018 5:43 AM

Agree as a Stand Alone Movie AVP was not to bad.... Action Wise it was decent enough, the Plot was a bit Suspect (Ancient Aliens via Predators) and it messed a bit with Canon but as a stand alone Popcorn Flick it was good enough.

AVPR However has the Quite Cool Pred-Alien and thats about it.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPredatorMay-09-2018 2:33 PM

Predalien looked like a Xenomorph with dreadlocks to me.


MemberAlien DroneMay-09-2018 6:29 PM

Predalien looked like a Xenomorph with dreadlocks to me.

Isn't that what a predalien supposed to be? A Xenomorph that bursted from a Yaut'ja.



MemberPredatorMay-09-2018 7:23 PM

Isn't that what a predalien supposed to be?

Possibly, but it reminds me more of this hideous creature:


MemberAlien DroneMay-14-2018 9:24 PM

so what he still has Dreadlocks. A Predalien is a xenomorph that bursted from a Yaut'ja, there for it has dreadlocks. I really don't see what some people problem's with the Predalien designs. I liked it, it even a translucent skull like the original xenomorph.

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