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Disclaimer: I don’t own the Alien, Predator, nor Alien vs Predator as they are the properties of 20th Century Fox, Dark Horse Comics, Titan Books, Marvel Comics, and Disney Corporation.


This fanfiction will not include the following movies in its canon: Alien vs Predator (2004), its 2007 sequel Alien vs Predator Requiem, nor Shane Black’s The Predator (2018)


Creative feedback is appreciative.



February 17th, 2192

Earth, New York


Deep within the resin encapsulated university, a young woman of mixed american and japanese descent was running through the metal corridors when she spotted a locker. She opened the locker and quickly stuffed herself inside as she slowly closed the locker behind herself. Sweat ran down from her short spiky raven hair down her light tan face as she waited for the beast that was following her, through the locker vents she saw a massive cigar-shaped eyeless head comes into her view, its perpetual drooling grin gave her shivers down her spine as the rest of it came into view, humanoid and biomechanical in nature with four tubes and a lone spike jutting out of its back. When the beast walked by she thought It hadn't noticed her. The young woman sighed in relief. Then the lone drone impaled the locker with its tail, she felt pain coursing through her collar, she was in too much shock to notice she was bleeding. The creature moved back around to the locker, the beast peeled back its thin lips baring its fangs at the locker, before proceeding to tear open the locker door from its hinges. She tried to scream, but not a sound could escape from her throat, she realized too late that she was paralized by the xenomorph’s stinger as it reached in to collect her. The drone drooled all over the floor as it carefully pulled the paralyzied woman from the locker, she tried desperately to scream but all she was doing was making choking sounds. The xenomorph drools on her wounded collar, its saliva cauterizes the wound. The xenomorph picks the collage girl up like by the ribs before throwing her over its shoulder before returning to the hive.

Her dark eyes were the only things she could move at the moment but the only thing she could see was the ceiling, then came the second phase of the xenomorph’s venom, she started to lose consciousness as her eyes grew heavy. She struggled to remain alert but her eyes closed shut as her mind went blank. She slowly awoke but saw nothing but darkness, no light was able to penetrate through the resin encrusted walls. As vision was rendered useless, she heard breathing from the other college students followed by weak howls that were immediately silenced. A new sound caught her attention, it was close, real close. It sounded like something had peeled open followed by some gurgling noises. Her heart pounded in chest, she didn’t know what it was but she knew it was something bad. She struggled to move, she was able to move her fingers and toes, her excitement was short-lived when she slowly felt the sticky resin, realizing she was glued to something as the resin covered her arms, legs, chest, and head. The gurgling noise came back but was quickly replaced by creepy crawly noise, something is moving in front of her, something bad! “Come on… Valerie… move…” she muttered to herself. A sharp inhuman scream echoed from within the chamber as it cut Valerie’s mutters short. Valerie felt something wet slam into her face, legs grip on to the sides of her head pinning it further into the resin. Smooth tail rapidly wrapped its way around her throat forcing her to gasp for air as the creature inserted itself down her throat. A tear rolled down her face as the creature pumped its essence into her, soon she fell back into an unconscious state.

Nightmares fill her dreams, suffocation and violent deaths haunt her as she sleeps. Images of a queen xenomorph become a recurring element in her dreams, usually taking the form of loved ones before reverting back into xenomorphs. Gunfire echoed across the dark room, soon came light before darkness then light again. The sounds of xenomorphs squealing as they fall to the ground ripped to shreds by gun fire. A Berserker team checked on the state of the cocooned college students, most of them had a hole burrowed out from their chests except for one. The marines spotted Valerie, who was barely clinging to life. The Berserker exo-suit clumsily stomps its way towards the girl, it uses its blow torch to sever the hardened resin from the girl’s body. A quick bio scan detects a xenomorph embryo not only developing inside her chest but it's almost ready to “hatch” the berserker team quickly radio in the situation, “Sir, she too far gone. The thing is about to hatch!” “You have your orders lieutenant, proceed with extraction. We have issued you a lifepod incase of situations like this. USE IT!” They quickly radio in for the emergency cryopod ensuring she would survive the trip back to gateway station.

In high orbit above Earth, Gateway Station.

The UA dropship rushed into the hangar bay, the marines escorted the lifepod to the medbay. The automotive surgeon quickly removed the woman from the lifepod into the auto-doc. The robot doctor moved its multiple arms into position, injecting her full of pain killers and other drugs to pacify the parasite. The chestburster grew agitated as the drugs entered its system, refusing to submit to the drugs the chestburster began to smash into Valerie's ribs before the drugs kicked in to temporarily pacify the parasite. “I’ll prepare for the surgery,” the doctor announces, “she is too far gone, the parasite will awaken,” the nurse protested, “That is not what we are extracting, prepare the brain-case. It's the only way to save what's left of his daughter” the doctor ordered the nurse. The auto-doctors quickly began making precise incisions to Valerie's skull as her scalp was quickly removed and her brain was delicately removed from her head into the brain-case as well as some of her blood. The chestburster sensing its host's vitals were in flux quickly began to wake up from its drug induced coma. Once the brain-case was secured and retrieved from the room, the room was then sterilized before being set ablaze. “How's the patient?” the nurse asked, the doctor does a quick read of the vital scans, “She is doing perfect, we will place her in cryo-hibernation until we manufacture her a new body until then its a few months of sleep” The brain-case is then placed in cryo hibernation. “Hopefully the earth will be reclaimed by then,” the nurse added. “Who needs that old planet, we have plenty of worlds in reserves” the doctor smirked.

Valerie felt weird, she couldn’t talk, couldn’t see, couldn’t feel anything but she knew she was alive somehow. Her blood was being artificially circulated inside the brain-case as well as fluids being pumped into her bloodstream to supply her with food and water. Months went by as the nightmares plagued her dreams, she had no mouth and wanted to scream. Her father purchased a prosthetic body for her since cloning was illegal in the core systems. The synthetic body was custom tailored to support a human brain configuration and was designed in the likeness of Valerie Armstrong right down to her spikey raven hair and tan skin. Once completed the body was sent to the alexandria colony along with her brain. The auto-doc carefully inserts Valerie’s brian into her new synthetic body, after the head closes up and the synthetic skin is reapplied for a perfect seal. A quick diagnostics to her systems to make sure everything is working before setting her systems to live mode. Valerie slowly awakes in a room resembling her room back on earth. She slowly stands on her feet but finds moving difficult, she trips and falls cutting her hand on a broken light bulb. To her horror she bleeds white, memories flood into her mind of the hive and the nightmares. She briefly hallucinates a xenomorph on the ceiling smiling at her before curling up in the fetal position. Her Dad barges into the room to comfort her, “They’re Gone, sweety, they're gone” she hesitates to look back at the ceiling, only to see the xenomorph have disappeared.

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