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(360) AvP ranked matches 2017

(360) AvP ranked matches 2017

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Alien EggMember12 XPMar-24-2017 12:54 PM

Hey guys, it's MUD. I started replaying AvP on a new account and soon realized I'm the only sum bitch waiting in ranked matches. So I declare we have a AvP anniversary by getting together and spilling some red and green blood. I'll be on for a couple days, likely more.....who wants to join me?

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FacehuggerMember425 XPMar-24-2017 6:21 PM

Might wanna just try player matches, Sure you won't unlock the skins, but that game had pretty bad ranked matchmaking and was really hard to find any matches. And the only modes that give decent xp are species and team deathmatch, but since Preds are so broken species is just asking to get smashed by them, and team deathmatches usually end up just being pred teams.


Player matches you can set up the gametype, the map, the amount of people, Just a much better way to play, unfortunately you don't get xp for it, but that only unlocks skins anyway and it takes quite a while to get to the good ones.

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