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MemberBloodedAug-07-2016 9:12 AM

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AdminJungle HunterAug-07-2016 9:31 AM

I always wondered what that was too. Curious if it's addressed in any of the expanded universe or literature.

Hyped for: Alien: Romulus | Badlands (Predator 6) | Cloverfield 4


MemberAlien EggAug-07-2016 9:39 AM



MemberBloodedAug-07-2016 10:08 AM


My god, its a revelation!!!


MemberAlien EggAug-07-2016 5:20 PM

It will eventually spawn AssBlasters!!

Gee W

MemberFacehuggerAug-09-2016 5:13 AM

It was so spooky to run into that. Too bad you never encounter a live one, whatever it is. There was so much going on on that planet, I wish they'd make a sequel so you can explore more. AvP2 was definitely the best game in that series. It certainly had the best story and the best vibe.


MemberBloodedAug-09-2016 9:22 AM

@Gee W

Exactly! It is a top notch game!


MemberAlien DroneAug-09-2016 12:33 PM

AVP2 somehow caught both film series's atmosphere, The BEST Alien game besides Alien isolation.



MemberBloodedAug-09-2016 5:15 PM


I agree, it really did have a sense of continuity!


MemberAlien EggJan-14-2017 9:41 AM

How to play for city AvP 2

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