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MemberAlien EggJul-25-2015 2:46 PM

Alright, so its been soo long since i lasted posted in this site. as some of you know (the older members to be more specifi ;P) about two years ago i was working on an alien fan film and ive gotten so busy wth university that stopped for a while. now that ive resumed to this project I'm looking for any scriptwriters that might be interested. 


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MemberAlien WarriorJul-29-2015 8:31 AM

I did work on a Prometheus 2 idea but it was the whole Ancient Alien and creators link and how to do that justice that i found hard to cover...

A straight forwards Xeno movie idea would not be hard, the only hard part is comming up with some Original ideas.... my ideas for Prometheus 2 as far as LV 223 was pretty much easy to work with.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberAlien EggJul-30-2015 4:22 AM

Sounds cool, we'll see if we can work on the idea if ur interested of course, PM me for more details.

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MemberAlien WarriorAug-08-2015 6:28 PM

Yes i have a idea.... but what gave me this idea is actually a Topic that was posted on Scified


Option 3: The Other Queen

Where the poster made note of how Ripley 7 Clone had a Scar in her Chest like Ripley  8 after removal of the Queen.... so there is Two Queens!

Why would they proceed with Ripley 8 if a failed Ripley 7 Clone Yielded a Queen?

I propose a idea.... Ripley 7 was not a complete Ripley Clone, not as in like Ripley 8 who was a Ripley Clone with some Xeno Traits.... Ripley 7 was a failed experiment but one that they did take something out of her Chest!

Did this prove to be a failure?  We see that Ripley 7 was alive but she was deformed and not perfect.... maybe the Organism Cut out of her was also not quite a Perfect Queen but that does not mean that it could not be a Organism that could be explored or used to try and re-engineer to try and produce a Perfect Queen but instead produces something slightly different?

That was sent to another installation for Study before the The Betty docked with the USM Auriga

This could be a starting point to base something off

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberAlien WarriorAug-08-2015 7:03 PM

We see Ripley 8 Looked Totally like Ripley yet had Xeno Traits, greater speed and strength and Acid Blood, and that the Queen they got from Ripley 8 looked a just like a Xeno Queen but it later developed a Womb like a Human.


This Queen then gave birth to the New Born that had a lot of Human DNA....

I propose that the Ripley 7 Queen is more Human than the Queen from 8 and indeed what if it appeared to look like the New Born but a more better job i.e had same body well similar but head is different...


This Organism is dismissed as its a failed Queen, and Actually starts its life looking as a Baby and like a cross between Ripley 3 and the New Born, it is taken away to a different place to be tested on as far as DNA...

We could see DNA experiments able to clone from it a Xeno/Human Hybrid that could be similar to the Deacon at the end of Prometheus but different a little.


While the Queen 7 then grows into a Adult that resembles the New Born body with a Tail but it also is slightly different to the New Born as far as that head lol


While Ripley 8 Queen grew a Womb and gave birth to the New Born and thus had less Xeno DNA than that Queen...

Our Ripley 7 Queen actually procreates like Queen from Aliens in that it lays Eggs and these can be different, but then these Eggs give rise to either new kind of Face Huger that leads to a new kind of Xeno, or they just evolve into a Organism that grows into a new type of Xeno


Either way our new Xeno Creature will actually look like Ripley 5 clone which if you look in detail some of it looks just like the Prometheus Engineers pressure Suit, while its back has a design similar to some of the concept work for some of the Monsters for Prometheus which included based on Spaights draft and also some other Deacon signs... while Ripley 5 clones head is similar to some of the unused Prometheus concept work.

So we get either via New kind of Egg = New Face Huger = New Organism or the Egg evolves to a new Organism in stages maybe like a Frog Life Span..


The end product is a Creature with a very Streamlined look that the Engineers Pressure suit had with limbs that was similar to Alien Resurrections Xenos, and Head that was not quite like the various Xenos we have seen but more like some of the Prometheus unused Fifield concepts.... a New creature that we then invent a new way to Procreate.

Does it somehow Rape and implant embryos into a Host, does it infect and Morph them into Eggs or as thats been done, it simply infects its DNA and they mutate into some other new kind of creature that carries this NEW Xeno DNA and its Hosts.


I think these are some pretty good new ideas, that creates something different, something connected to the Xeno yet not and a way to show us procreation that could be more Horrific than the Original Xenos.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberAlien WarriorAug-08-2015 7:29 PM

Yes i like that idea...  New Hybrid Queen Lays Eggs smaller than the ones in Alien and a bit different... these Eggs either hatch out or evolve into a Organism that is Worm like, like a Fatter Hammerpede different head, this is like stage Tadpole in a Frog Life Cycle... this grows into a smaller Organism with Arms and Legs and Tail and finally the Adult one loses its Tail to give us something like a cross between our Engineers Pressure Suit (not Space Jockey suit) and the Concept Designs of the Alien Resurection Xenos, with a head that is more like the other Babyhead and Fifield concepts from Prometheus... 

It has a set of large teeth like the Ripley 5 Clone and it does not have the inner protrusible jaws like the Deacon and Xenos.. or a Tail like the Xenos..

As far as Procreation i think we may need to be a bit inventive and also maybe shocking


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberChestburtsterAug-09-2015 10:26 AM


Yes ripley 8 was probably
what probably what a 
Supersoldier looked like
With xeno traits. The ability
To sense danger before it
Happens strong heals 
Quickly iet.

Never explored or expanded


MemberAlien WarriorAug-09-2015 5:27 PM

Indeed oduodu if they cloned Ripley 8 again or found out why she gained those traits the company could make a Super Soldier as lets Face it the Xeno is not exactly the best if you want control and command over them.

Which puzzled me why they wanted the Xeno for that reason, the Engineers Tech is of better use... A Ripley 8 has Strength, Speed she is as Strong as a Android... She heals Wounds and has Acid for Blood. We dont know about Life Expectancy but that does not matter for a Weapon, and Ripley 8 can hold a Pulse Riffle or any other Weapon and is thus a Better Weapon as far as a soldier than a Xeno or even a Android....

Her freewill would be a problem but then so can Androids if their programming gets messed up. The Xeno is just a Weapon of Destruction its basically just like a Chemical Weapon or a Nuke! Effective but has its drawbacks.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


MemberPredatorAug-22-2015 3:28 AM

@ Big Dave, the article you are discussing was posted by myself, but the speculation was much more simplified...

Ripley clone 7 was deformed, as would have been the Queen chestburster that was removed from her. So an 8th clone is comissioned, that is not deformed. The Queen we saw in AR started off as normal but the deformity in its DNA manifested when it developed a womb and gave birth to the newborn - thus imo the Queen we saw in the film was from the deformed 7th clone of Ripley.


Let me put this another way. Ripley 8 was, lets say, 95% Human and 5% Xenomorph, whereas the deformed Ripley 7 was more like 70% human, 30% Xenomorph. The Queen in AR, having developed a womb would seemingly be 70% Xenomorph and 30% human.


Thus I imagine, because lets face the crew of the Auriga were idiots, The Auriga was given the Queen from Ripley 7, while their superiors watched and learnt from the Aurigas failures before attempting to harvest eggs from the Queen taken from Ripley 8, which would be 95% Xenomorph and 5% human, which could manifest itself in terms of intellgence.

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