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Alien EggMember0 XPJul-15-2015 9:36 AM


Allow me to introduce to you a brand new mod for AVP2 - Payback Time. This mod is a complete difference from original AVP2. New, canonical sound effects from original films, new visual and new balance and much, MUCH more!)

Fights between each side become more challenging. There is no nade-spamming or bunny-hopping. There are 9 (!) human classes and 5 alien classes.

Each human class (yes, WY and USCM are now united to confront their common enemies) has it's own weaponry and accessories, thus offering you completely different gameplay. Some of the classes are good at assaulting enemies' positions, and the others will support them in any way necessary.

For the aliens... there are 5 classes. Each of them does not differ in scheme "health-strength-speed", but offer it's own unique gameplay for they now have extra-abilities. It is better to see it yourself.))

Predators still in progress, but they will be there soon, so no worries.

Experience your skill in "Payback Time". You will never find anything like this.) So don't waste too much time, couse "it's gonna be close".)

There it is:

Just extract archive into Aliens vs Predator 2 folder.

For proper working you should have full UMP2 installed.

Execute PaybackPlay.bat, click Yes in message box (Launch the game using command line settings).

Also you can run mod in windowed mode or/and without anisotropic filtering:

PaybackPlay_nofiltering.bat - fullscreen mode, no anisotropic filtering

PaybackPlay_windowed.bat - windowed mode, anisotropic filtering enabled

PaybackPlay_windowed_nofiltering.bat - windowed mode, no anisotropic filtering

Please, note! 
This mod is on open BETA-test stage, so few troubles may occur. Also a huge patch on it's way, which will add more content and bugfixes.)

And here some gametips for aliens:

Aliens are a combination of stealth and close combat force, so do not expect that any human out there will be pleased to see you  close to him. Aliens uses claws, tail, headbite and new special abilities. 

Let's start from the scratch - from what work for all aliens:

The basic attack makes double swipe (click Mouse 1). It's crap, does not too much damage, but you can charge it (hold Mouse 1 for sec.) and hit with your left arm pretty hard and do almost onehit-kill.

Tail attack makes from combination of Q + Mouse 1. It does decent damage and can knock back victim if it has not too much health. For Guardian it will make large bleeding hole in his victims, lol.)

Headbite makes from combo of Q + Mouse 2. It does not oneshot (if you are not targeting to head xD), but it makes victim bleed for a short period of time. Guardian's headbite deals most tremendous damage.)

Drones (Worker and Warrior) can take bodies of fallen humans if they made in proper ways.

Humans must be taken down with special drone attack (Mouse 2) or if they were facehugged or if they were damaged by special Scout attack called "Scout's mark" and bodies has to be in good condition (no arms or legs lost). Bodies must be placed on the wall as soon as possible or they will just rot.) 

To place body on the wall hold E + Mouse 1. Red line will show up and you should w8 till it will fill up. Placed cocoon will gives some extra points to aliens team with time. Facehugged cocoons gives even more points, so if you can facehug unhugged cocoon and thus help to boost it points increasing. Cocoons can be destroyed by humans, thus stopping aliens team from getting extra points, so make sure you placed cocoon in safety place.

Drones and Guardian are able to break through the doors and gates. As a drone you just need to repeatedly hit the door with Mouse 2. As a Guardian you must use "Crush" attack (while running forward press Mouse 2). Guard may break all doors much faster than any other aliens. Scout cannot break the doors.

That's it for basic aliens combos. Now let's take a look at their special combos and abilities:

1. Worker:

Basic alien drone. Has average HP and strength. His ability it to drop healing goo (E + Mouse 2). It can attach to most surfaces. It will regenerate health of any alien who will step on it very quickly, so do not be lazy on drop one or two till your death.) It also slows down humans who dare to step in it.)

2. Warrior

Has the same params just like Worker, but he is slightly more resistant to damages. He carrying 1 egg on his back and can place it on any surfaces, but do not drop it from high positions.) Placed egg will activate within 5 second. If any human or synth will get close to it, facehugger will emerge and will try to attack one who got too close.

3. Scout

Basic runner. Has stats similar to drones, but slightly less HP. He run with the same speed as drones, but his wallwalk speed is greater than that from drones and he jumps further. He has extra sense and can smell synthetics and sentry turrets behind the walls. His primal objective is targeting victims with Spit (Mouse 2). It deals some damage and stuns humans (not synths) a little. It makes humans visible to other classes of aliens further and also targeted synths and turrets becomes visible through the walls to other aliens too. He carrying 30 spits and can replenish them by eating heads off humans. The "Scout's mark" attack makes from combo of E + Mouse 2. If you will hit human with it, it will make possible of taking down this human by any other means to drones, so they will be free to take him down with regular attacks. By holding E + Mouse 2 this attack will make open wound on it's victim for a short period of time.

4. Guardian

A living tank and brute force in the fle... shell.) He has far more health than regular aliens, plus he can tank some types of damage and has huge boost to resistances. His tail deals bleeding damage as I said above. His most reliable skill is "Crush" (while running forward press Mouse 2). It deals massive damage to humans and knock them back every time ignoring their level of HP. He also has "Scream" attack (E + Mouse 2) that will stun all nearby humans and thus allowing other aliens to attack them with more ease. 

5. Facehugger

New class with new abilities. He has constant lifedrain, but this little f*ker can onehit-kill any human and even synth in the game.) Just use Mouse 1 to attach to his victim. You just have to make sure that you are in enough distance of reach. Facehugger also has polysaccharide armor (Press Mouse 2 to activate/deactivate) that will absorb some damage and slows lifedrain, but makes facehugging unavaible and deactivate hunting mode (you will not be able to see humans and other aliens and cocoons with healing goo through walls.) 

Facehugging enemies will not increase your team points, but will reduce your enemy points by 50. People you facehugged may be taken off the field (5 sec to pick it up for now) and used as a cocoons. Facehugging synthetic will just increase you team points and it cannot be used as a cocoon.

All aliens can loose their limbs during the fights so be careful with it. You will be noticed with the yellow triangles in the right down corner of the screen if you will loose something.)

Aliens without left hand cannot use charged attack and drones will not be able to perform special strike that makes bodies proper to be cocoons. Aliens without 2 hands cannot implement wallwalking. And for tail you can figure that out yourselves.))

Now time for humans!
There are total of 9 classes and each differs with gameplay quite a lot. There are 3 types of armor they using and each of them protect from each damage differently:

APESuit armor - good against napalm and acid
Titanium armor - good against bullets and aggressive claws
Composite armor - good against regular claws

And here the list of human classes:

Items: Composite armor, motion tracker, NV, flashlight, flares.
Weapons: VP170 pistol, M41A pulse rifle

Items: Composite armor, sentry turret, NV, flashlight, flares, hacking device, blowtorch
Weapons: VP170 pistol, M41L pulse rifle, proxy mines

Items: APESuit armor, NV, chemlights
Weapons: MK83 pistol, M41C pulse rifle, Frag grenades with detonator

Items: Titanium armor, flashlight, flares
Weapons: MK83 Custom pistol, Sniper rifle, EMP grenades with detonator

Items: APESuit armor, NV, chemlights, motion detectors
Weapons: Flamethrower, FLASH, Shock-net gun

Items: Composite armor, NV, flashlight, flares, medpacks, armorpacks
Weapons: VP170 pistol, M41E light machine gun

Items: Titanium armor, chemlights, ammopacks, blowtorch
Weapons: Shotgun (shells and slugs), Rocket launcher

Combat Synthetic:
Items: Heavy titanium armor, vulnerable to acid
Weapons: MK83 pistol, Minigun

ATMG Operator:
Items: Composite armor, NV, flashlight, flares, hacking device
Weapons: MK83 pistol, ATMG aka smartgun

As you may note, marines and mercs are now in the same team.)

Each weapon deals different type of damage. Some are good against one class of alien and useless against other. Some ammo types can do suppressing damage that will slow down aliens a little. 
Pistols plays only supportive role, so do not rely on them. 
There are some radio statutes, commands and taunts. To use it, press "T" and numbers you wish.
UnderBarrel nades and rockets will not detonate, if they will not fly enough range before it. For rockets you can see it's status "RDY" or "BLK". "RDY" means that rocket can fly enough range to detonate. "BLK" means that you are pointing too close against obstruction.
Explosives now can spread blast waves that will deal additional damage and knock aliens and humans back. And watch out - blast waves hit even through the walls.)
Watch out for aliens in close combat - acid deals massive damage and can poison humans.
You can zoom-in with goggles and synth can do the same. To activate nightvision in goggles press "B".
Napalm from flamethrower and FLASH will blind any who got under it's effect.
Netgun will work if alien (not Guardian) have a certain % of health, so do not waste it in the very start of the fight. 
Sentry turret will track and shoot any who will show up against it, so your teammates should be careful.
To activate motion tracker hold "C". Visuals will pop-out. You will be able to see targets moving across the screen, but you will be prevented from firing. To turn-off tracker hold "C" again.
You can just press "C". Tracker will just go to PING mode without visuals, but you will be able to use your weapons.
Motion tracker can search cocooned humans.
Smart-gun will track moving targets including humans, so be careful.
Minigun and smart-gun can overheat if you firing too much without delays and sniper rifle can overheat too if you will try to perform stagger.) To cool down you weapon w8 a little.
To recover from stun of crushing blow ( if your health is lower than 30%) just hold on and w8.
You can weld specific doors with blowtorch, thus increasing it durability and making it harder for aliens to break it.
There is strong rely on team play with humans so you better to stick together.)

More interesting things you will see in the game itself.)

Have fun! ^_^

And here comes teh screenies:

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Alien EggMember0 XPJul-26-2015 2:31 AM

Big patch on it's way.

More alien classes, more gameplay features and some minor bugfixes.

New graphic features included.

Stay with us. ;)


Alien EggMember0 XPAug-01-2015 4:21 AM

For those who has no actual game, there it is:

And also you have to instal mappack UMP2 above it:



Alien EggMember11 XPNov-06-2017 8:45 PM

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