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If rebellion does make another AVP

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FacehuggerMember425 XPJul-25-2014 1:00 PM

I'll start this off by saying I love the 2010 AVP game. I got it release day and played it all the time, to the point I got top 100 in the scoreboard on every stat, but some survival maps. When I saw the recent article that said rebellion was interested in another AVP game I was excited and somewhat worried at the same time. 

The 2010 AVP had an amazing multiplayer. Various different game types, with my favorite being infestation. Infestation was so fun for two reasons, there was actually excitement and the feeling of being the last marine standing for those 30 seconds were some of the most fun I've ever had in video games. The second reason is that the mode did not include the Predator. I have well over 30 hours on every species in multiplayer and that is only counting the ranked matches not the player matches that I started playing after achieving level 43 and getting to the top 100. I've played every class seen what they're strong against and what they're weak against, and in all honesty the predator beats every other class in every category. The marine's sniper and smartgun pale in comparison to the predator's smartdisk, and plasma caster; the aliens melee is laughable against the predator's faster heavy attack and increased health. The point being the Predator in this game ruined the multiplayer in ranked. The only matches that could be found were mixed species Deathmatches that were made of 2 teams of predators with maybe one alien or marine on each side. This game became not fun because Rebellion honestly balanced the aliens and marine quite well then looked at the predator and thought, "give him everything" 

So here's to hoping and praying that if rebellion does make another AVP they balance it correctly and not favor one class to the point that class ruins any class based multiplayer.

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Alien EggMember0 XPJul-30-2014 7:57 AM

You have a pint, But movie whise the predators have everithing speed, weapons, meele skils and others

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK


FacehuggerMember425 XPJul-30-2014 4:27 PM

I would argue the speed part, but besides that it's all true, however the movies balance this by having there be fewer predators. In a game that doesn't limit that aspect that becomes a problem. Imagine how much worse the AVP films would be if there were just as many predators as aliens running around, and they all have all the big weapons at their disposal. It's be an incredibly boring movie ending in about 2 minutes. 

There lies the problem with an AVP game, to even them out you need to take something away. For instance in multiplayer for some reason the marine's flares got taken away(note: these literally just offer more light and a marine can only have 1 down at a time) but the predator's were allowed to have all their weapons carry over, and still be just as effective. I think the main problem is counter play, when developing a game with multiple factions especially 3 I feel there should be a rock paper scissors effect with each class being more effective against another while being weaker to one. This doesn't mean you can't beat the class you're weak to just that it's harder to do. The last AVP Game just made every other class weak to Predators and in doing so gave the Predator's leverage in every category. 

I would break down all the problems each class face against the predator, but if you haven't played the game it would be hard to understand, so I'll just say Preds win in every category against every other class.


FacehuggerMember425 XPApr-01-2015 6:59 AM

Since I made this thread when this forum was basically on life support I figured I'd bump it now that it's more active to see if anyone has an opinion on this, if not it can fall back to the depths.

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