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Xenomorphs vs. Super Predators 2

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Alien DroneMember4297 XPJan-28-2014 7:53 AM

Knight, the last surviving Super Predator from a crash into a Xenomorph Hive, is finally on his homeworld. When the crew arrives, no Predators are there. The civilization is seemingly abandoned. The homes and temples are covered in a black substance. Then, it comes at him!


     Knight is pinned down by a Super Predalien! It's a normal Predalien, but a bit larger and stronger, plus a tiny bit smarter. It's about to use its second jaw, but it's killed by one of the ship pilot's Plasma Caster. He gets up, and they go into a temple. It's flooded with Predaliens! They all attack at once. Knight and the crew slash, shoot, and cut their way through the swarm. Only Knight and one crew member are left. They run out of the temple. Then, another predalien appears. Knight impales it with his Wrist Blades. Then, they go into another temple, and find some regular Drones. Not only that, but the Queen.


     The last Predator Hound lunges in and kills one of the Drones, while Knight and the crew member kill two more. One is left, but is shotin the head by Knight's Plasma Caster. They find the last members of their tribe on the hive walls, two with facehuggers attatched. The crew member starts cutting down the living Super Predators with his Wrist Blades. Knight shoots the Queen's egg sac with his Plasma Caster. The Queen screeches in pain as she tries to get off of it. However, Knight jumps us and starts stabbing her head with his Wrist Blades. She soon lays there, dead. After the attack, only 14 Super Predators are left. Knight is promoted to the rank of a Clan Leader for completing two hive cleansings!  :D

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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Alien EggMember0 XPJul-30-2014 7:52 AM

Pretty good scifi king

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK

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