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Xenomorph Hive vs. Super Predators

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Sci-Fi King25

Dec-05-2013 7:44 PM

A Super Predator ship with 3 members in in course to Earth. The Predators are Striker, like Falconer, but with Scar's mask with Chopper's mask patterns and a Plasma Caster. Stalker, Strikers brother, the oldest of the three like Tracker, the same mask design, and Celtic's armor, but has an Eagle-like skull on the chest piece. Then there's Knight, the leader of the hunting party. He has a mask identical to Berserker's. Also, he has armor like the "Classic" Jungle Hunter. Soon, a "regular" Predator ship attacks them. The heavily damaged ship crashes into an abandoned planet. They only see a temple structure and decide to explore. Soon, they come across a large arch at the entrance of a large room. Both of the Predator hounds start barking. Knight scans for movement; nothing. They move on. They hear screeching in the distance and Striker sends out his mechanical bird to find anything; again, nothing. As they walk on, Striker roars. Knight sees him attacked by a Xenomorph Warrior. He impales it with his Wrist Blade and gets up. They walk on, but soon a Predalien lunges at them. It misses. It snarls at the Predators. Stalker shoots at it with his Plasma Caster. It hisses and climbs up a wall. They run away from the site, fearing more coming. The Predalien tackles Striker from behind, knocking him down. It hits him with its tail. Stalker slashes it with his Wrist Blade, and it screeches. 5 more Warriors run to the scene. Stalker soon kills 2. 1 is finished by the dogs, but another goes for Striker. He defeats it, then the badly damaged Predalien limps off. Knight shoots it with his Plasma Caster, using a charges shot, seemingly defeating it. It lunges at Striker again, with the 2 other Warriors. He drops down with 1 Warrior. Both were defeated in the battle. Knight thrusts his Wrist Blades (He has 1 on each hand) into the Predaliens side, finally defeating it. Stalker kills the remaining Warrior. The pair walk off. Soon, the dogs start barking again, but at nothing. They continue to walk through the temple. Then, they're attacked by 10 Warriors. After a long, hard battle, the battle damaged Predators continue. After another small trek, Stalker roars then goes silent...and missing. Knight turns around. He sees a Xenomorph Praetorian, and Stalker's headless body behind the alien. Knight hits the Praetorian with his Plasma Caster a couple times. Then, while it's disoriented, he slices off it's left arm. It screeches in pain as acid sprays everywhere like a garden hose. The acid caves in part of the temple. The dirt and rock pours in. Then, the half-buried Praetorian screeches for Warriors to aid it. None come; they're all defeated. With a swift Blade to the head, it's defeated. The hounds and Knight then find a door. They go through it, and see something surprising: The Queen. He hits the ceiling with his Plasma Caster, and some rock pours in. She calls for her Drones, and all 5 attack at once. The Predator hounds take down 1, but only 1 dog makes it out. Knights shuriken takes out 2 Drones, and he finishes off the rest with his Blades. The Queen, realizing her hive is destroyed, detaches her egg sac. Knight blasts the ceiling a few more times, and the whole thing caves in. The 2 make it out. They call in for an evac. ship. Then, the Queen rises out of the rubble. With a few Plasma Caster hits and a Smart-Disc, the Queen falls down. Knight goes over to envestigate. The Queen impales his back lightly with her tail, but he finishes the madness with one last, deep Wrist Blade impact to the head. He lets out a roar of victory, winnig the battle. He then is picked up by the Super Predator ship, talks with the pilot, and goes with the hound into a small room to use his Medi-Kit on his heavy wounds from the long battle. The ship takes off and goes to the Super Predator homeworld.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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Dec-05-2013 8:55 PM


"i dont know what weapons will be used in world war 3 but i know what wil be in world war 4...sticks and stones"Albert Eienstien

Sci-Fi King25

Dec-07-2013 5:42 PM

Thanks for the good replies. Now, who wants a sequel?

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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