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predator early concept

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FacehuggerMember349 XPNov-19-2013 10:00 PM[img][/img] *Image made viewable by [b]xeno_alpha_07[/b]

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Jungle HunterAdmin22220 XPNov-27-2013 12:26 AMAh, nice! I'm still happy with the design they went with after all though.
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FacehuggerMember211 XPNov-28-2013 3:06 PMHere's a few more from AVPGalaxy: [url=]Click Me[/url]


Alien EggMember0 XPNov-29-2013 1:22 AMIf I remember correct the design had some influence in English Bulldog or osmething like that :D ([url=]info source[/url])

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Alien EggMember0 XPDec-04-2013 6:55 PMTo be honest some of the concepts looked terribly silly, to extreamely brutish and crazy. Very happy with how they finally turned it out~!

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