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Alien EggMember0 XPAug-20-2013 9:49 AMIf they were to do another Aliens Vs. Predator movie, who would you like to see direct it? When and where would it take place? What are you looking for in an AVP movie?
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Alien EggMember0 XPAug-20-2013 1:06 PMI am looking for practical creature effects as much as possible! the CGI variety just doesn't cut it. I would hope ADI would get to do any effects in a future movie.. they know what it takes to make real in camera practical effects. Did a great job on AVP. I also would hope it would take place in a well lit environment. Not a fan of everything being in the dark. As far as a director, not sure on that one...


PredatorMember9516 XPAug-20-2013 3:40 PMA while back I mentioned that I had "mostly" written a treatment for an AVP prequel set within Razorback Point Whaling Station in 1904, as per the extra opening scene seen on the home home release of the first movie. I am currently elaborating it into a screenplay/script using Celtx. However regards ADI, IMO they have mutilated the design and feel of the Alien and the Predators, with IMO the best renditions of both characters having been made by Stan Winston Studios (Aliens 1986 and Predator 1987), thus I would like to see both creatures returned to their glory by SWS. Regards effects the Predator looked truly awesome and realistic in the 1987, for the Aliens however I do have a new technique in mind that uses a woman in a suit, with an animatronic head, CGI manipulation to lengthen the limbs and shrink the stomach, CGI additions for the tail and plenty of KY Jelly and superslime. As for the atmosphere, returning to the feel of both originals is the key, a group of humans being hunted one-by-one in environment far from civilisation - horror and suspense in a frozen environment, think 1982's The Thing, minus the "Questionable" effects.


Alien EggMember0 XPAug-20-2013 5:22 PMIt would be fun to see a new AVP movie but: but firstly it shouldn't be called AVP, but should have some title like "Ages To Come", "Fight Of The Species" or "Weyland-Yutani : Building Better Worlds!". It should take place far in the future on strange alien planets and in space. It would be nice to see the engineers having a role in that movie too. There should be 3 main characters (a predator, a human, a engineer). That should have different intro sequences and maybe scenes where you can see their past. There should be at least one scene revealing record of encounters with other alien species and linking the film to the previous Alien/Predator/AVP movies. It would be nice to learn more about the culture and technology of each species. All characters should be linked together complexly. My favorite Alien/Predator-Movies are: Alien, Alien II, Predator, Prometheus I'd love to see that creepy, deep, strange and suspenseful movie!


Alien EggMember40 XPAug-21-2013 12:20 AMI would like to see a first contact between predators and xenos, because I wonder if the scenario could be a planet of the space jockeys (aka Engineers) with an atmosphere of claustrophobia and horror, things that unfortunately we could not see in Prometheus. PD: An Engineer vs Predator also might be interesting.


Alien EggMember40 XPAug-21-2013 1:10 AMI would also like to see one of these guys in the trophy room of a Berserker. [img][/img] I think a new movie would be a great opportunity to see new monsters, but this time more terrifying.


Alien EggMember81 XPOct-10-2013 9:59 PMFirstly Shams, the Giger pic above should have been the design for the Deacon in Prometheus... In the next AVP id like to see more Gigeresque design. AVP 1's Xenos were ok, but 2 were total crap and Chet was a major disappointment. Hates the dreads, the skin colour, the fleshy appearance. I agree with the comments above about ADI. They ripped of Giger and then changed his masterpiece film by film into just a scary animal.


Alien DroneMember2674 XPOct-13-2013 3:12 AMWhat I'd like to see is something totally "out there", strange, weird, chilling, adult in nature. For me, the biggest mistake with AvP was to have them set on Earth! As for a director......hmm.......David Cronenberg could certainly make a movie I would like to see, however I'm pretty sure it wouldn't please the 'comic book' fans, and there's absolutely no way the studio would be brave enough to hand an auteur like him carte blanche!


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Alien DroneMember4297 XPDec-14-2013 7:20 PMI would have it set on a rainforest planet in a Predator temple. Also, the "Dual Alien", which is a slightly bigger Drone, with 3 rows of dorsal spines instead of 2, a long double jaw, and 2 tails. How was it created? A facehugger jumping on a Predator, but before it lands, the Predator grabs it, and throws it onto a Drone's face. Then, 5 Predators, have Stan Winston Studios work on it, again, a Queen, a Xenomorph Runner spawned from one of those Predator hunting dog things from Predators. Have Steven Spielberg and James Cameron work together on it, and have the ILM on some animations. THE PERFECT AVP!!! (Plus an alliance between the 2 human survivors and the 1 Predator).

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Alien EggMember21 XPJul-29-2014 11:00 AM

To my opinion they, it's better to make a movie reboot. With a reboot for AVP, they could introduce new deadly alien creatures, just like the Deacon from Prometheus, the Engineers at self, or something else where the Aliens and Predator also can fight against it instead of only the Aliens and Predators agianst each other. A kind of battle of monsters.

They can also involve human-hybrid species. A hybrid between humans and Xenomorphs (Just like Ellen Ripley from Alien: Resurrection), but their are differences.

Those hybrids will also look like humans, but they will have black eyes just like the Engineers, you see their nervous system part on the body and especially aroud their eyes, their blood is also acid and this time not red, but yellow. They are mid-coldblooded just like the predalien from AVP-R. Just like Ellen Ripley, they are physically strong, but stronger than Ripley. They are so strong that they can rip your head, arms and legs with one hand for example. The hybrids are very intelligent. They are so intelligent that they can also control the Juggernaut spaceship from the Engineers. They communicate telepathy to each other and to the Xenomorphs. They can communicate to another Xenomorphs and hybrids when they are on the other side of the planet. You can also see those Hybrids as the queen and king of the Xenomorphs. The Hybrids will speak the Proto-Indo-European language (just like the Engineers) to each other and the Xenomorphs. The hybrids will not be only cold-minded, but they will also have emotions, because they are born from normal human parents. The origin of the hybrids has something to deal with the black goo from Prometheus (what infected Dr. Holloway). Those are one of the ideas I have in mind if we talk about the human-hybrids.

The film could set place thousand of years ago and present day (mostly) or in the future. The movie could set place part in space and part on Earth. It would be interesting to see the aliens, predators, engineers, etc in ancient history in different civilizations around the world just like in Mexico, Egypt, China, Cambodia, etc. The movie could have a very deep background story that can use in sequels for many question that can be answer and the last movie of the sequel could end where Prometheus starts. Their must be a balance between the story and the battle between the alien species. The movie must fit with the other movies in timeline since the timeline has changed in Prometheus (The year when Weyland Corporarion is established).

Sorry for the poor English. I'm open for many ideas. Just leave your comments below or send me a message.

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Alien EggMember67 XPMar-05-2017 4:30 AM

I love the first AVP movie, but when I originally heard one was being made, I was hoping for a big-screen version of the original Dark Horse comic book. Something akin to that, a stand-alone story with an outer space cowboy western flavor, would make a good addition to the series, IMO.


Alien DroneMember4113 XPMar-05-2017 7:00 AM

Oh god the first AVP was terrible! It butchered so much of Alien and Predator lore and designs, it made me want to puke out my rectum.


Okay as for an idea for an AVP movie, REBOOT it! Have no connection with the previous AVP movies.

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