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Watch the Predator: Hunting Grounds (2020) gameplay trailer!

Watch the Predator: Hunting Grounds (2020) gameplay trailer!

Scified2020-02-06 18:11:50
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Watch the epic gameplay trailer for Predator: Hunting Grounds (2020) arriving on the PlayStation 4 and PC later this year! The trailer below highlights various skins and classes of Predator to choose from, along with unique weapons and abilities.

One group of players will control members of an elite Fireteam: who pack state-of-the-art conventional firepower, from shotguns and SMGs to sniper rifles and more.

One player will control the Predator: a stealthy, acrobatic killing machine bristling with exotic alien technology such as the infamous Plasmacaster.

As the Fireteam attempt to carry out paramilitary missions – annihilating bad guys and recovering important items – the Predator will be closing in, using its advanced vision mode to track and ambush its prey.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an upcoming shooter game developed by IllFonic and produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment and will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows PC.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-02-06 18:11:50

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4 Fan responses to Watch the Predator: Hunting Grounds (2020) gameplay trailer!

Darkfader CUTTA

Alien EggMember13 XPFeb-07-2020 7:51 AM

Looking forward to this game lots !!!!!! In the meantime if anyone’s keen for some AVP on Xbox add me please. Gamertag = “DarkFader CUTTA” 


Jungle HunterAdmin22173 XPFeb-07-2020 8:07 AM

Salute to you for still reppin AvP! Haven't played in a while but used to love it.


Alien WarriorMember10390 XPFeb-07-2020 7:48 PM

Certainly looks Good.

I only played the AVP Game (2010) on Xbox 360 Once, about around 2012 (Crikey 8 Years nearly since Prometheus how Time has Flown).   But i had played the 1999 and 2001 PC Games quite a bit and playing as the PREDATOR was always the Fun Way to Play.

With Technological Advancements i would assume there is so much more Depth to that Feeling with this Latest Installment.

Maybe i need a Upgrade as my Games Consoles are 10 Years out of Date and my PC is nearly 15 ;)


PredatorMember8212 XPFeb-07-2020 9:01 PM

Hmm... It looks like it's about killing and trophies. It would be interesting if you had to pick your targets more carefully. For example, you get penalized somehow if you kill someone who is not armed. Sort of an honor system with different endings like the Bioshocks? 

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