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Scrapped Design Concepts for Alien: Resurrection's Newborn Xenomorph
Scified2016-02-16 16:32:55
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With all the news surrounding Alien: Covenant and most recently, The Predator (formerly known as Predator 4), I figured it would be fun to look back at some lesser known aspects from the original Alien quadrilogy. Today we're focusing on the highly controversial design of Alien: Resurrection's Newborn Xenomorph - the abomination born from a cloning-induced, mutated Human / Xeno Queen Alien near the end of the film. Regarded as one of, if not the worst Alien designs by many members of the Alien fandom we look at some of the alternative deisgns created during the production of the film. Many of the original concepts followed the overall Alien look more closely by having certain trademark characteristics - a biomechanical exoskeleton, no eyes for example. Some even ressembled the creatures conceptualized for Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Whether you hated the Newborn or loved it, check out this neat behind-the-scenes video from Studio ADI and let us know your thoughts of these alternative designs in the comments section!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-02-16 16:32:55
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Alien WarriorMember10416 XPFeb-17-2016 3:01 PM

0:24 Looks similar to the Prometheus Fresco Creature
0:43 Looks similar to the Prometheus Deacon
1:04 I like the look of
1:56 Looks good also
2:12 Likewise
2:32 Is by far the best within context of the Plot i.e Hybrid
2:50 Is what we got lol
3:18 Similar

And well pretty much same as Prometheus and Alien 3 the unused concepts looked way better and more fitting to the Plot than the ones we actually ended up with.

seems a lot of movies in the Franchise borrow elements from previous movies drafts or concept that was never used... this happens often.  When i say Franchise i also mean include Star Beast.

So maybe the 0:24 and 0:43 inspired the designs of the Deacon and Fresco Creature in Prometheus?


ChestburtsterMember1330 XPFeb-17-2016 3:25 PM

Thanks for that! Very cool.

I loved the Newborn. Thought it was a fantastic design. Didn't know Alien fans disliked the design, until I got on the internet! 

I'd like to see a character design contest on Scified, Not just a cut and paste xenomorph design, something horrific, alien and new.


Alien EggMember81 XPFeb-17-2016 7:42 PM


Some very interesting and horrific designs. I didn't mind the end products overall look, I think what let it down was it's very puppet like movement. I love the innocent child like properties.

What I think would have been truly horrific though is for the New Born to somehow resemble Ripley, at least in its facial structure. The birthing scene could have turned the tables on the Queen, with its hybridised chest burster having a human face, re visiting the first chest burster scene in Alien and ultimately killing the Queen simply by being born. I hate the way the New Born Killed the Queen. Looked silly and made the Queen seem very weak.


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