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New Previews of Dark Horse's Upcoming Alien & Predator Comics!

New Previews of Dark Horse's Upcoming Alien & Predator Comics!

Scified2014-03-26 12:55:52
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A couple new previews and interviews for Dark Horse Comics' upcoming Alien and Predator comics have been posted online along with some incredible new artwork!

First up, the folks at Bledding Cool News scored a preview for the upcoming Predator comic series, along with two new pieces of artwork. In the following images it looks as if a Weyland employee is weilding some kind of Alien-esque / Engineer tech weapon! Check it out:



"The Predators hunt. It’s what they do. That is the purest version of their story, so I made sure to always keep that in mind as I was developing my piece of this big world that we’re building. Even though the setting has changed the tone remains the same."

[Read the entire interview HERE]

Next up we've got an additional preview, this time from Comic Book Resources, of the upcoming Alien comic series! Check out another two pieces of artwork below:

Dark Horse has been very quiet about what specifically happening with these books, but did you have an immediate hook for your "Aliens" story that you could share?

In the first phone conversation I had with Scott Allie, we both established that we were more interested in the kind of haunted house vibe of the first film than the guns and ammo feel of the second film. As much as I like both of them, I feel like the secondary franchise tie-in stuff -- whether it be comics or video game or whatever -- has focused more on the colonial space marines aspect of this since "Aliens" came out. They've got a good look and cool lingo and pulse rifles, so it's understandable, and they're also highly capable men and women who are trained to do exactly that. But one of the things I find really appealing about the first film that holds up so well is that it's just regular folks. It's blue collar, and maybe a little bit of white collar workers in the upper ranks, who are just way out of their depth dealing with this stuff. That's very much the vibe I wanted to get back to, and that's what Scott was looking for as well.

[Read the full interview HERE]

The new artwork looks amazing and certainly intrigues us! Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2014-03-26 12:55:52

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2 Fan responses to New Previews of Dark Horse's Upcoming Alien & Predator Comics!


Alien EggMember40 XPMar-26-2014 1:15 PM

That weapon is the most interesting thing I've seen about this Reboot, thanks for posting this! :D

Sci-Fi King25

Alien DroneMember4297 XPMar-26-2014 2:23 PM

Is it just me or does the Predator in the pictures look like the same one in both?

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