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New behind-the-scenes video from Predator showing Jean-Claude Van Damme wearing the original Predator costume!

New behind-the-scenes video from Predator showing Jean-Claude Van Damme wearing the original Predator costume!

Scified2014-04-08 12:28:22
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Did you know, that before Kevin Peter Hall dawned the iconic Predator costume back in 1987, that action movie legend, Jean-Clause Van Damme was the first to portray the intergalactic hunter? It's true! Jean-Claude was originally hired on to play the Predator, (which was then titled 'Hunter') back before the creature itself went under some major redesigns and the film changed its title all together. Originally, the Predator was to be a reptilian/insect-like alien, and look like this:

Original Predator Design - Jean-Claude Van Damme

Many fans of the franchise will recognize this design, especially if they own any of the special edition sets for Predator. But recently, Stan Winston School uploaded a video, where Steve Johnson and Matt Winston discuss the original Predator and the challenges they had faced with it. Watch the interview below:

Here are some more images of the "original Predator":

Original Predator Design - Jean-Claude Van Damme

Predator Design - Van Damme

Predator Design - Van Damme

Predator Design - Van Damme

... And here are some shots of Van Damme actually in the Predator costume, on-set:

Predator Design - Van Damme

Predator Design - Van Damme

Turns out, Van Damme quit the project after only two days of filming. As much as I like Van Damme, it seems he made the right choice. What do you think? Are you glad they scrapped this design in favor of what we now know today to be the Predator? Let us know by commenting below!

Sources: Stan Winston School, CBM, Movie-Moron

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2014-04-08 12:28:22

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6 Fan responses to New behind-the-scenes video from Predator showing Jean-Claude Van Damme wearing the original Predator costume!


Alien EggMember0 XPApr-08-2014 1:07 PM

That awkward moment when you actually prefer the original predator design over the juggalo looking thing it ended up becoming. 


PredatorMember9516 XPApr-08-2014 4:52 PM

The River Ghost aliens in the cages in 2010's Predators are a wink to the original design of the Predator, which was so clumbersome and unbelievable that at McTeirnan's request Arnold Schwarzenegger contacted Stan Winston to redesign the creature.

While Stan was on a plane sketching his ideas, his friend Aliens and The Terminator writer/director James Cameron said "I've never seen anything with mandibles", so Stan gave the creature mandibles, mixed with a rasta hunter look and viola we got the Predator...

...all this info and more can be found in the Special Edition Predator DVD


Alien EggMember0 XPApr-08-2014 8:18 PM

I find the Original Deisgn, More... Scary, You have no Idea what this, Bu, lizard thing is... It ahs no obvious weapons on it... You'd be so curious that* BAM * Your dead...


The other one... You can cleary see the weapons, so you completely want to "Holy shit, Lets shoot the-- THing...?!?!?!?" 


Alien EggMember0 XPApr-16-2014 6:09 AM

This thing needs its own movie.

I love this design so much more than the Predator we have today, and X_Paden_X nailed the exact reasons why I love it.


Alien EggMember0 XPApr-19-2014 5:35 PM

Oh hell no. This is a terrible design. There's nothing iconic about it. It also resembles The Fly. It looks like a bad b movie nightmare. 


Alien EggMember0 XPApr-27-2014 4:07 PM

In my opinion the original costume looked better than the final version.

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