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New Alien comic Dust to Dust plot and cover art unveiled!
Scified2018-01-18 17:21:52
Written by Chris13,205 Reads1 Comments2018-01-18 17:21:52

Dark Horse Comics have unveiled a new four-issue mini comic series set in the Alien universe! Aliens: Dust to Dust will be written and illustrated by Gabriel Hardman and the plot will involve a 12-year-old boy named Maxon and his mother as they fight for survival while their colony on a remote planet are overrun by Xenomorphs! The story seems to mimic the events which would have taken place at Hadley's Hope prior to the events of James Cameron's Aliens. Here's the official cover art and plot synopsis provided by CBR:

In deep space, the Trono colony on the planet LV-871 finds itself under attack by mysterious and deadly creatures of unknown origin. Emergency evacuations are ordered and shuttles are taking off as the massacre sweeps the colony. All that stands between 12-year-old Maxon and his mom making it to the safety of the spaceport is a horde of Aliens!

Aliens: Dust to Dust #1 will arrive at comic shops April 24th, 2018!

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MemberAlien WarriorJan-19-2018 1:13 AM

could be interesting, have to wait and see

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