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NECA unveil Aliens: Genocide Xenomorph concept figures!

NECA unveil Aliens: Genocide Xenomorph concept figures!

Scified2016-05-20 14:07:56
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Stranded on a desolate planet without their matriarch to command them, two separate strains of Xenomorph are on the brink of an acid-drenched civil war. Based on the iconic red Xenomorphs from the Dark Horse Comics series Aliens: Genocide, NECA have teased a new batch of concept figures. The models are all re-paints of existing Alien figures including the Big Chap, Runner and Warrior Xenomorphs, except the Queen, which features added decals. The Warrior and Queen will be sold separately with the Big Chap and Runner being sold together.

Aliens: Genocide figures will be available this Fall! Pricing has yet to be revealed.

Source: NECA

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-05-20 14:07:56

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3 Fan responses to NECA unveil Aliens: Genocide Xenomorph concept figures!


Alien WarriorMember10390 XPMay-20-2016 3:08 PM

Im liking the Red Colours

The First Child

Alien EggMember15 XPMay-20-2016 3:47 PM

I'm deciding on whether I should keep adding to my NECA collection or save up for the King alien. Any ideas?


Jungle HunterAdmin22185 XPMay-20-2016 4:33 PM

Tough decision indeed. I'd probably get the NECA figures, but that's because the King is out of my price range haha but if I could afford both, I would get both.

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