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NECA debut new Aliens, Predator and AvP figures at Toy Fair 2018!
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Written by Chris23,862 Reads1 Comments2018-02-20 13:26:14

NECA debuted their highly anticipated Aliens Series 13 figures at Toy Fair 2018 this past week. Inspired by the old Kenner Alien toy line, Series 13 has been a hot topic for Alien fans and collectors since it was announced last year. Also on display were NECA's new Predator and Alien vs. Predator Arcade figures. Below are some images of the NECA Alien, Predator and AvP displays, courtesy of ToyArk, check them out:

The entire showcase included the following new figures:


  • Scorpion Alien
  • Snake Alien
  • Apone
  • Purple Alien Warrior – Alien Club Exclusive


  • Ultimate Elder Predator: The Golden Angel
  • Series 18 – Machiko Noguchi, Hornhead Predator and Broken Tusk Predator
  • Bone Throne

Alien vs Predator Arcade

  • Mad Predator
  • Predator Warrior
  • Predator Hunter
  • Dutch
  • Linn Kurosawa

You can view more images over at ToyArk.

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MemberAlien WarriorFeb-20-2018 3:04 PM

Some interesting Toys...


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