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Could 20th Century Fox Be Planning To Retcon The Alien Saga?

Could 20th Century Fox Be Planning To Retcon The Alien Saga?

Scified2014-09-29 04:49:08
2,938 Reads7 CommentsAdd A Comment

This summer saw the release of the latest instalment in the long running X-Men movie franchise; X-Men; Days of Future Past. The movie, loosely following the storyline of the comic book original, saw Wolverines conciousness sent back in time in a bid to change past events that could lead to a dystopian future where mutants were hunted by powerful killing machines called Sentinels. Those of you whom have seen the movie will know that the movies conclusion essentially retcon's the entire X-Men movie franchise. While this is to be expected due to the nature of Days of Future Past's story, it follows a recent reboot/remake/retcon surge currently in Hollywood, in which movies such as Ang Lee's Hulk, Tim Burtons Planet of the Apes, Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd and Roland Emmerich's Godzilla have been retconned out of existence. Could this open up the possibility for studio 20th Century Fox to retcon the Alien Saga.

Ironically, this years X-Men: Days of Future Past retcons last years the Wolverine out of existence!

Of the four Alien movies, it is universally felt by both fans and critics alike that the fourth instalment Alien Resurrection, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and written by Joss Whedon, is the weakest of the franchise. Whereas the third instalment, directed (and since disowned) by David Fincher, which was plagued with a very troubled production and was met with a very poor reception from fans and critics upon its release in 1992, has since amassed a cult following, with many fans and critics considering the movie as incomplete; a victim of studio interference and creative differences. As such most fans consider, at least, the first two movies as “canon” within the Alien Cinematic Universe.

David Finchers experiences on Alien 3 have since led to the director to disowning the movie!

As a result many fans have desired a true sequel to James Cameron's 1986 sequel Aliens, which would continue the story of the movies surviving characters - Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Dwayne Hicks (Michael Biehn) and last survivor of the Hadleys Hope colony, Rebecca “Newt” Jorden. Many fans have suggested the possibility of the events of Alien 3 and Resurrection be retconned as a bad dream, a nightmare experienced by lead character Ripley, but such a drastic retconning of a movie franchise would have been considered improbable until recently.

Could this scene from Prometheus lead the way for a retconned Alien saga?

New addition to this Alien Cinematic Universe, 2012's movie Prometheus. Although the film was met with a mixed reception by critics and general movie goers, most fans of the series relished the prequel. The film explored the race known as Engineers, first seen in the 1979 original Alien, was directed by the same director, Sir Ridley Scott. To help promote the movie studio 20th Century Fox released a detailed viral website – The website, while exploring the back story to the film and some of its characters and themes, also made reference to its successors, including reference of the power-loader seen in Aliens. Further references to Scott and Cameron's sequels were also evident in the Blu-Ray release of the controversial prequel. Interestingly and quite prominently, the movie also featured a new, previously unseeen technology, that allowed the character of David (Michael Fassbender) to enter into an even communicate with someone as they dreamed during hyper-sleep.

Hicks' return in Aliens: Colonial Marines also suggests Fox may be considering retconning the Aien Saga!

A glimmer of the fans desire for a true sequel to Aliens was seen in the extremely controversial video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, in which Michael Biehn's character Hicks was shown to have survived his alleged death depicted in Alien 3. The recent release of X-Men: Days of Future Past coupled with the inclusion of the ability to watch ones dreams as seen in 2012's Prometheus could suggest a possibility, however low, that 20th Century Fox may be prepared to develop a true sequel to Aliens, retconning the last two instalments as “nightmares” experienced by lead character Ripley...

A true Alien 3, probably set 30+ years after the events of 1986's Aliens with a “mature” Weaver and Biehn, accompanied by a late 30s actress in the role of Newt settled on Earth, with the evil Weyland-Yutani somehow getting their hands on their long coveted prize, possibly from the crashed derelict Juggernaut on Acheron LV-426.


Would fans really like to see such a retconned sequel? Would giving the franchise a second chance be accepted by fans and general movie goers?


Continue discussing this topic as well as thousands more with other fans of Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator (AvP) in the AvP Online Forums here on!

Written by GavinPublished on 2014-09-29 04:49:08

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7 Fan responses to Could 20th Century Fox Be Planning To Retcon The Alien Saga?


Alien EggMember10 XPSep-29-2014 5:49 AM

They have sorta boxed themselves in with the ending of Alien3. Some fancy shmancy writing might get them out of a bind. I know Sigourney wouldnt mind going back to the franchise based on how enthusiastic she was with the Aliens cast at this years Calgary Expo :)

P.S You wouldn't have to go looking for an older Newt. Carrie Henn would do just fine. She signed a sketch I bought with her favorite line from the film. She even said it to me(in character)..gave me goosebumps ;)


Alien DroneAdmin4298 XPSep-29-2014 9:04 AM

If they pull an "it was all a dream while Ripley was i cryo" I will flip a table... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Sci-Fi King25

Alien DroneMember4297 XPSep-29-2014 1:43 PM

I actually wouldn't mind this. It's a possibility, as Weaver wants another Alien film made, to properly end the seris,

G. H. (Gman)

Alien DroneAdmin4420 XPSep-29-2014 5:47 PM

On the one hand I wouldn't mind too much if they retconned Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection out of the picture. I would love nothing more than for the Alien franchise to pick up with Ripley, Newt and Hicks after Aliens. They were such wonderful characters written disgracefully out of the picture.

But a dream? In the realm of science fiction where anything is possible, "It was all a dream," has to be the laziest excuse to retcon anything. Easily. This isn't a season of Dallas. This is one of the greatest, most beloved science fiction franchises of all time. They can do better.

kiryu sos

Alien EggMember0 XPOct-08-2014 5:27 PM



Mike Arkady

Alien EggMember0 XPOct-10-2014 7:03 AM

There is a actually an active Facebook fanpage dedicated to promoting the idea of this change in the continuity of the Aliens series.  You can join below and let your voice be heard that you want a proper continuation of the Aliens film:



ChestburtsterMember1221 XPFeb-21-2015 12:29 PM

Gavin you were right all along

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