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Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as Dutch in Predator: Hunting Grounds!
Scified2020-05-13 06:56:24
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After 33 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger is BACK as his infamous character Dutch from the very first and arguably the best Predator film!

Players of the new Predator: Hunting Grounds game will be thrilled to know that as of May 26th, Dutch will be a purchasable DLC character and better yet - Arnold voiced the character himself!

What's more exciting is that the voiceover work provided by Schwarzenegger will actually build upon Dutch's story arc from the first movie, as Illfonic's Chief Creative Officer Jared Gerritzen explained:

The premise of it is [Dutch] recorded these tapes since '87 after the first movie. Throughout these tapes, there are those arrows [pointing to] what he’s doing, kind of like safeguards if he gets killed or captured. These tapes are gonna be used to essentially keep his story going.

The Govenator himself took to Twitter yesterday to exclaim how much fun it was to step back into the Dutch role one more time:

Interestingly enough, we almost got a Dutch cameo in Shane Black's The Predator back in 2018, but Arnold turned down the role due to the small nature of the role - Schwarzenegger insisted Dutch deserved a more prominent role (and he himself, a more prominent pay check).

Regardless of the lack of Dutch in The Predator, it's fantastic to see Dutch revisited for Predator: Hunting Grounds!

Will you be purchasing the Dutch DLC? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-05-13 06:56:24
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MemberBloodedMay-13-2020 10:01 AM

Judging from how the last movie in the predator-verse went I would say that he made a wise choice to not be in it. I wonder how it affected the career for those actors that were in the last predator movie. Maybe some of them are embarrassed? I know that it is an article about a game but these are just some random thoughts, but at least they are connected to the franchise. Hopefully the game will be better than the most recent predator movie.


AdminJungle HunterMay-13-2020 11:27 AM

I definitely think they could have done a lot better with the last Predator movie. It's unfortunate it didn't build off of the 1987 original and kept some of the mystery grounded in serious suspense rather than slapstick comedy. Although it has some enjoyable moments, I think it was held back from what it potentially could have been.


MemberPredatorMay-13-2020 12:23 PM

I can understand some humorous comments here and there to lighten the tension, but there was too much comedy in the movie. I am glad Arnold wasn't in it. His reputation as Dutch is intact.


MemberBloodedMay-13-2020 12:38 PM

Maybe I should be clear and say that I have not watched it but from what I have read and heard at a podcast the last one in the franchise was trash. At least I did not waste my money. I have never been into that franchise, the closest that I have been is that I have watched the AVP but the predators have an interesting design.

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