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Alien: Isolation named Playstation UK Magazine's Game of the Year!
Scified2015-01-08 10:23:13
Written by Chris1,916 Reads1 Comments2015-01-08 10:23:13

Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation has received nothing but praise since its release last year and the game continues to envoke fear and excitement in those who dare to play it. After years of failed attempts by numerous different developer studios to deliver a truly terrifying and authentic Alien experience, Creative Assembly has managed to pull it off. If you've played Alien: Isolation, especially with the lights off and headphones cranked on high, you'll know just how immersive this game is and how terrifying it can be. 

It is because of this success that Alien: Isolation has been named Game of the Year in PlayStation UK's latest issue of Official PlayStation UK Magazine where they write: "Congratulations to everyone at Creative Assembly for delivering the Alien game we've waited 35 years to play." 

We couldn't agree more. Alien: Isolation has set the bar for Alien games to follow. What did you think of it? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section!

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MemberAlien EggJan-08-2015 9:43 PM

I'm not surprised. I don't really play video games that much because of my schedule and most games don't really hold my attention...but this game is GOOOOOOOD!!!


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