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2014-09-09 14:10:44

While the premise behind the gameplay of Alien: Isolation is intriguing - playing hide and seek with an eight feet tall, acid-for-...

2014-09-04 04:47:19

In a little over a months time SEGA's last chance to redeem some respect among video gamers and Alien franchise fans will come to ...

2014-09-02 15:27:10

The comic book franchise Aliens versus Predator was always a joy to read with imaginative stories and excellent artwork. So it com...

2014-08-28 07:52:15

Ridley Scott has confirmed that the scripts for both the highly anticipated Prometheus sequel and Blade Runner sequel ha...

2014-08-13 16:46:37

Creative Assembly have just released a new trailer for Alien: Isolation from Gamescom entitled "Improvise". The Gam...

2014-08-06 14:07:08

20th Century Fox have teamed up with Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood to bring the Xenomorph and Predator ...

2014-08-04 21:16:30

Alien icon, Sigourney Weaver continues to reiterate her interest in continuing on the Alien franchise in a fifth Al...

2014-08-04 14:22:40

From director James Bushe and producer Simon Rowling comes a new fan film set in the Predator universe! The film is called&nb...

2014-07-24 11:34:23

SEGA are hoping to entice Alien fans into pre-ordering their upcomg Alien: Isolation by offering the "Crew Expendable" and "Surviv...

2014-07-21 21:55:09

During an interview with Dark Side of Gaming, the game developer behind 2010's Aliens vs. Predator, Rebellion expressed ...

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