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Aliens vs. Predator news website for the latest news on the upcoming Predator reboot and Alien: Isolation game. Predator 4 is currently in the scripting phase & will be driected by Shane Black.

2015-02-26 18:27:00

News for Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie has been flooding the net over the past 2 weeks since every news reporter is buzzing to...

2015-02-26 12:53:51

With the exciting news that Neill Blomkamp will be resurrecting the dormant Alien franchise for 20th Century Fox, fans a...

2015-02-26 04:02:57

As speculated by ourselves and most of the internet, Neill Blomkamp, director of the forthcoming Chappie has confirmed that the ne...

2015-02-24 20:55:47

As Chappie nears its theatrical release, director Neill Blomkamp has been making the press rounds to promote it. While s...

2015-02-21 15:02:01

Following the announcement of Neill Blomkamp's untitled fifth Alien movie, some new details have surfaced regarding the ...

2015-02-19 15:44:05

The recent news that Neill Blomkamp is to write and direct a new Alien movie has been generally accepted by fans and critics as go...

2015-02-18 18:05:40

Following weeks of speculation and buzz around his Alien sequel concept art hitting the web, Chappie / District 9 d...

2015-02-13 15:46:17

TheTerminatorFans recently sat down with movie VFX make-up artist David Woodruff, son to Tom Woodruff who worked on both the ...

2015-02-11 15:58:56

Last month Chappie, Elysium and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp released a ton of concept art he had create...

2015-02-10 15:34:17

Arguably the most beautiful movies come from the greatest visionary directors; directors able to imagine, realise and capture crea...

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